Invisible Migration 2018 – Eclipse Geomatics LTD

Invisible Migration 2018

On May 24, 2018, Eclipse Geomatics attended the Invisible Migration event to join First Nations and neighbours across the Skeena Watershed to celebrate the natural occurrence of salmon migration.

The event commemorates the yearly salmon trek to the Skeena River estuary. Additionally, release and send smolts to join them in hopes that they return next season for the future generations. Each instance raises around 300 million salmon to safety from predators.

The event held a ceremony and official smolt release; while hourly boat tours to the Lake Babine Fisheries’ catch-and-tag smolt station. There they held a tour to educate and show the process of tallying yearly numbers.

It took place at the Babine River Fish Fence, with help of sponsors: Lake Babine Nation Fisheries Program, Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition and SkeenaWild Conservation Trust.