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Augmented Reality Sandbox

What is the Sandbox? The Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox is an interactive, three-dimensional, augmented reality exhibit that can be used as an educational tool to explore the importance of water, hydr...

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Skeena Knowledge Trust

The Skeena Knowledge Trust (SKT) is a purpose trust and registered Canadian charitable organization formed in September 2017 following multi-year collaboration between the Bulkley Valley Research Cent...

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Skeena Maps Portal

The Skeena Maps Portal was developed by Eclipse for the Skeena Knowledge Trust to provide a collaborative mapping environment for organizations operating within the Skeena Watershed. The portal is int...

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Skeena Salmon Data Centre

The Skeena Salmon Data Centre was developed by Eclipse for the Skeena Knowledge Trust to become a comprehensive, central repository for credible information related to wild Pacific salmonids in the Sk...

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Tableau Data Visualization

Eclipse Geomatics creates interactive dashboards and reports to analyze data using Tableau. Recent visualizations include the results of Wild Salmon Policy Indicator Analysis for the Kispiox TSA as we...

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Examples of recent cartographic work to date include the map for the 2018 Canadian National Vegetation Classification, the Northwest BC Infrastructure Map series (2010, 2014, 2019), the Babine River M...

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