Systems Development and Administration

Eclipse Geomatics was instrumental in the software platform selection, design, development, and implementation of the Skeena Salmon Data Center and the Skeena Maps Portal, the two online data management platforms managed by the Skeena Knowledge Trust in order to preserve and disseminate information related to salmon and salmon ecosystems in the Skeena River Watershed. The Skeena Salmon Data Center and the Skeena Maps Portal are based on open-source CKAN and Geoserver/Geonode applications respectively. Eclipse actively maintains and develops both systems. The Skeena Knowledge Trust received the Rising Star Award at the 2018 Canadian Open Data Summit, which recognizes up-and-coming contributors to open data across Canada.


Project examples: 

Skeena Salmon Data Centre

The Skeena Salmon Data Centre was developed by Eclipse for the Skeena Knowledge Trust to become a comprehensive, central repository for credible information related to wild Pacific salmonids in the Skeena watershed, including data on salmon populations, habitat, water quality, hydrology, and climatology. The Skeena Salmon Data Centre uses a Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) management system, which is a web-based open source management system for the storage and distribution of open data.

Skeena Maps Portal

The Skeena Maps Portal was developed by Eclipse for the Skeena Knowledge Trust to provide a collaborative mapping environment for organizations operating within the Skeena Watershed. The portal is intended to complement the spatial data stored within the Skeena Salmon Data Centre by providing expanded functionality to explore data, build maps, and share maps with collaborators. It was developed using the open-source Geonode system.